Posted by: allaboutcheryl | February 22, 2015

My Persnickety Weight Loss Plan, Day 21

OK. Today being Sunday, meant that I could eat the things that I gave up for Lent. Since Jackie and I were still up at midnight, I dove into the peanut butter cookies he got from one of his customers. Oh my goodness! They were so good! I ate two of them right away, without barely breathing. So I figured, what’s one more cookie? After all, I can only eat them, once a week. I’ll have just one more…
Of course, that was one too many. I should have stopped after the second one. I didn’t get sick or anything, but I knew that I had reached my wall; my limit. Now I still have nine cookies left. I might eat ONE today, then the rest of them will go into the freezer. I’m telling you, my freezer is getting filled with all of the things that I can’t eat today, in anticipation of eating them tomorrow (after Lent).
Next week end, I will have to exercise more self control to not get carried away with eating sweets. And that doesn’t mean going crazy with chips or pop either. I don’t want to overindulge on one day and wipe out all of my efforts from the prior week. That would not be very smart.
And yes, I know that giving up junk food for Lent is not about losing weight, but…if that’s one of the side effects of eliminating these things from my diet, then I certainly want to reap the benefits of it.


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