Posted by: allaboutcheryl | February 18, 2015

Fat Tuesday

Yesterday was the day of preparation for the Lenten season.
Yep, Fat Tuesday!
Here in the metro area, if you get up early enough, you can go to Hamtramck to stand in very long lines to get one or dozens of original Paczki. Yum!
I’ve personally never had to make that trek. When I was working, there was always someone who volunteered, cheerfully to go.
Of course, every other bakery or grocery store had their own version of Paczki, so you had options. And from jelly filled, to custard, prunes, lemon, chocolate, plain, they were worth every bit of the 425+ calories that you consumed!
Alas, I am no longer a part of corporate America. There was no one that I could send to Hamtramck or even to the local bakery to pick up a few. My husband doesn’t like them, so if I wanted one, and I did, the burden of getting them would have fallen on me. But when I looked outside and saw all of the snow on the ground and knew that it was frigid cold, well, I guess I didn’t want one bad enough. I did have enough chocolates in my house, leftover from 💘 Day to not feel neglected.
I’d already purposed for Lent, that I was going to do a combination Daniel Fast (only fruits, vegetables, whole grains, water, no sugars, no chemicals) and South Beach diet Phase1 on alternate days. So my Fat Tuesday indulgence included a steak and cheese Subway sandwich, baked Lays BBQ chips, two cookies and a pop. Oh my! Was I full afterwards. I hadn’t had a pop, cookie or chips since the beginning of this year…I was in heaven!
Going through this Lenten season, is not just about giving up certain foods. It is a spiritual journal. A time of fasting and prayer in order to grow closer to God.
Check back with me frequently as I walk this Journey of Lent for the next 40 days.


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