Posted by: allaboutcheryl | February 17, 2015

Why do I write?

Pen and notebook

Tools of the trade!

No, why do I love to write?
All my life, I’ve been writing something.
I have so many notebooks, my diaries then, now I would call them journals.
I used to have a box filled with gold color composition notebooks that I would write stories in. I’m not sure what happened to them. After so many moves, they probably went the way of the recycling center. How sad.
And now as an adult, I still write. I have both paper and electronic journals. But lately, I’ve been gravitating more toward the electronic. It’s just easier to keep up with and it stores so much more information, plus I can add pictures or music to my words. Too cool!
What I would love to happen, it’s on my Bucket/To Do List, is to have something of mine published. To see my name in print, would be the ultimate dream come true!
But, I’m getting close. I’m in the next to the last edit of my novel that I’ve been working on for about six years. I am going to finish it. Plus, I’ve already written some on its prequel and I am also writing a Christmas story.
One day.
But to go back to my initial question, why do I write?
It just seems like, I have so much inside of me that wants to come out. So much so, that it spills out from my pencils, pens, or fingers onto written or typed pages. I’m not a big talker. On the contrary, I am more of an introvert. But give me a blank sheet of paper and I will fill it up in no time flat.
There are all types of people in this wide world of ours. God has given each one of us a gift or a talent. I love this one that He has given to me. This is why I try to write to alway give Him glory, honor and praise.
So that’s why I write, to give adoration to God!


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