Posted by: allaboutcheryl | February 10, 2015

An Amazing Dream

Last night I had a dream about Jesus. It was an amazing dream. He was here on earth walking around but I was the only one who knew who He was. He didn’t want me to tell people who He was.
It was amazing to watch Him and their interaction with Him.
He was good looking, so ladies commented about His looks.
He had long black brown hair, now I can’t remember if He had a bread and mustache.
Young men thought that He was cool and had it going on.
Then He would do things.
Like He got up and took a shower and His hair was all wet, then He waved His hand over His head and His hair was in place.
When He took His shower, He still had clothes on. White, biblical looking clothes. And they were wet and you could see His backside, but He did have on some type if under garment. Then I was standing near some black ladies who were eying Him.
Then He changed clothes with the blink of an eye, but if you weren’t watching you didn’t see it.
It was an amazing dream.
I felt so at peace being with Him and so glad to know that I knew who He really was.
And of course like dreams….it’s fading away. So this is why I wanted to get it written down before I completely forgot it.


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