Posted by: allaboutcheryl | December 24, 2014

Christmas Memories

1. Christmas holidays
2. Celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ
3. Family gatherings
4. Singing Christmas songs
5. Receiving Christmas cards
6. Decorating my mantel
7. Mistletoe
8. Christmas crawl
9. Wayne County Light Fest
10. Putting up the Christmas tree
11. Decorating the front door
12. Christmas in each and every room in the house
13. Shopping
14. Sales
15. Resale stores
16. Wrapping presents
17. Giving out presents
18. Christmas movies
19. Roasting turkey
20. The smell of pine
21. Candles
22. I can’t go to sleep!
23. Crackling fireplaces
24. Holiday cooking
25. Plastic baby dolls
26. Cookies
27. Anticipation
28. Wearing Christmas earrings
29. Steaming up the windows while I am cooking
30. Steaming up the house while I am cooking
31. Aromas while I am cooking
32. Christmas socks
33. Cakes
34. Radio stations playing Christmas music all day
35. Everyone in a good mood
36. Snow
37. It’s A Wonderful Life
38. No school
39. Brown paper for wrapping
40. Egg nog
41. Christmas sweaters
42. Gold ribbons and bows
43. Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol


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