Posted by: allaboutcheryl | October 2, 2014

From the Inside Out

Maybe it’s because I’m sixty-plus, I feel like I am ready for a change. And it’s not that I am not satisfied or happy with who I am, but I know that there is always room for improvement. So I’ve been looking at who I am to try to improve myself, from the inside out.
I am reading more.
I am writing more.
I am trying to learn something new everyday.
I am stronger and more vocal about my relationship with the Lord.
I am surrounding myself more with positiveness and things that make me happy; good music, good books, good people.
I am eliminating and removing or reducing my time around things and people who are negative, pessimistic and contrary.
Even though I am not a crafty person, I am more of a left side of my brain person, I am trying to encourage and develop the right, creative, side of my brain.
I am more open to explore different ideas and philosophies.
I am eating better. But I can still, eat better and eliminate more of the unhealthy things.
I am exercising more.
I am defining and redefining my outside appearance.
I am dressing in brighter and more colors, I have on a neon orange tee shirt right now.
I am buying my clothes to fit my body inside of baggy clothes to hide my body.
I am giving more thought to what I wear, so it reflects who I am on the inside.
And if at the end of all this, I am still not satisfied with where I am…then I start all over again.



  1. Yes, Cheryl, exactly. I find myself in the same mode. Your sharing makes it all real to me. I guess it comes with age. We examine ourselves and find that there is much more to experience in this life.

    • Thank you Gwen. And now that we are at this point in our lives, we have the time to invest in ourselves.

  2. Bravo 🙂 Inspiring!

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