Posted by: allaboutcheryl | May 14, 2014


I certainly hope that I did not jinx myself. I spent all last evening and part of today, putting away my winter clothes and bringing out my spring/summer things.
Am I rushing the season? I live in the Midwest region where the weather is unpredictable and we are liable to have snow or ice at any time.
But I chanced it. I even took the heavy comforters and quilts from the bed and replaced with light, eyelet comforters and bedclothes.
After I was finished putting out my tops and blouses, I noticed that I have LOTS of whites, which is one of my fav colors! But now that means I need to go shopping for more colors!
Did I jinx myself? I hope not! But I am so ready for spring that I don’t care!

Spring and Summer tops and blouses

Spring and Summer tops and blouses



  1. I did this a few weeks ago, just before a trip. I wanted to have my spring clothes ready for my return, since I also live in the midwest – northern Indiana. I like the arranging by colors, it looks like a rainbow wave! It is spring!

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