Posted by: allaboutcheryl | April 11, 2014

One Year!

It’s been one year, twelve months since I had my left hip replacement surgery.
God is so good!
I am still rejoicing!
I will never forget this date and November 2, 2012 when I had the right hip replaced.
I am pain free!
I am no longer walking ‘funny,’ as some people described my gait.
I have NO regrets.
And the funny part, is that I don’t or can’t remember the pain that I went through.
I know I did.
I am sure while I was in the hospital and in the rehab facility that I had some bad days.
But I can’t recall them!
All I know right now is that I am truly, truly blessed!
I’ve met a few people afterwards who had knee surgery and now either in a wheelchair or totally unable to walk.
And to think that I went through this procedure not once but twice.
When I wrote about this before, a blogger berated me for having this surgery.
That it was not necessary.
I mean, they kept going on and on.
Everyone is different, so if total hip replacement is not for you…so be it.
It worked for me.
So a year later, still no regrets.


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