Posted by: allaboutcheryl | April 3, 2014


I recently had extra money from a job I’d just completed.
Extra money? Why, there are a few things that I needed!
Off to the mall I go, with money hot in my pocket.
Hoping to buy something, shoes, purse, even a locket.

I am pulling things off the rack, one of this and one of that,
Blue jeans, tops, jackets and why even a straw summer hat!
I was so excited, I knew when I left that I would have the perfect outfit.
It’d been so long since I’ve shopped for myself, this I sadly admit.

But alas, nothing was working out! Why not! I want to shop!
This was too tight. This didn’t hang right. I might as well stop.
But I continue to try
There has to be something that I can buy.

When it was all over, I was tired and discouraged
All of my enthusiasm left, this I will acknowledged.
Why does this always happen when I want to shop?
I never find what I want. I just have to stop.

On my way out of the store,
Hanging so nicely right by the door,
Was a black summer shrug,
On sale! Off the hanger with a tug!

All was not lost, my trip, a success!
I am in a much better mood, this I must confess!
I’m now headed home, my shopping’s all done.
A few dollars lighter, but this was fun!


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