Posted by: allaboutcheryl | September 16, 2013


Some days, sounds are so noticeable.
The crackling of newspaper or plastic wrappings invite me to crinkle them longer.
The sound of me washing my hands.
The frying of sausages in the skillet for my morning breakfast.
The pouring of coffee from the carafe into my coffee cup.
The chirping of nighttime bugs and daytime birds.
The howling of wind on a windy day.
The clicking of my keyboard when I am using my desktop computer.
The clicking and clacking of silverware and dinnerware as we eat dinner.
Pages turning as I read a hardcover book.
Towels flicking as I shake them in the air before I fold them.
Rain spattering on the windows during a recent storm.
Brown paper bags crunching as I refold them to recycle them.
Babies laughing.
Friends talking.
Bereaved crying.
Cars motoring.
Coffee slurping.
Noses sniffing.
Waterfalls gushing.
Garbage cans scraping.
Televisions blaring.
Music soothing.
Radios informing.
Lead pencils writing.
Cloth dryers tumbling.
I thank God for my ability to hear!



  1. Life would be so different if we could not enjoy even these seemingly mundane sounds!

    • So true! Not only do we need to stop and smell the roses…we need to also stop and listen to the bees!

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