Posted by: allaboutcheryl | August 30, 2013

August! My Favorite Month!

I may be a little partial to August since this is the month of my birth, but I love August!
I love the warm weather.
I love the relaxed atmosphere of vacation time.
I love BBQs and cookouts.
I love family gatherings.
I love sitting by the river.
I love eating ice cream.
I love early morning walks outdoors.
I love fireworks.
I love flowers in full bloom.
I love the smell of fragrant flowers.
I love wearing white.
I love wearing vibrant sun colors.
I love licking Popsicles.
I love the blue, blue skies.
I love skies with wispy white clouds.
I love a summer downpour.
I love a thunderstorm.
I fresh summer vegetables and fruits.
I love eastern market.
I love the way the sun feels on my skin.
I love being outdoors.
I love strawberry shortcake make with vanilla ice cream!
I love listening to crickets at night.
I love being lazy.
I love weekend trips.
I love riding in my car with the windows down.
If Christmas were in August, August would be complete!


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