Posted by: allaboutcheryl | August 26, 2013

Aco Browsing

Some of my former past time favorite things to do, was to go browsing in the local Aco hardware store.
Strange, huh?
Usually if I had some time to kill in between appointments, there I went. Not because I needed to buy anything major and not because I was that handy with a tool…but there I was, armed with a shopping cart and a sale paper, because one of my favorite things to look for, was a marketing gimmick of theirs. The 1¢ sale!
Of course they figured, no one would make a trip, just to buy a pair of garden gloves or a measuring tape for one penny.
Noooo. They planned on you buying other stuff while you were there.
I’ll have to check to see if they are still doing that.
It has been about 6-8 years since I’ve done any Aco browsing, so maybe it is now the 25¢ sale.
So anyway. I would get my shopping cart and go up and down each aisle. I am sure that I drove the store security crazy, if they were watching me on the monitor!
But besides having hand tools, electrical stuff and hardware gizmos, Aco also carried seasonal decorations. At Christmas time I got to look at all the trees and ornaments, cards and gift items they had. I don’t celebrate Halloween so I can’t say whether or not they had those kind out decorations out. Probably so. Some people like Halloween better than Christmas. Smh…
They also had cutesy things to put in your yard during warm weather, so that was another place I had to pause and look at.
Then they had non perishable food items, candies, soups, coffees, and the like. Usually there was something that I needed or just wanted.
By the time I left the store, my penny trip costed sometimes twenty dollars or more.
Good marketing strategy!


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