Posted by: allaboutcheryl | August 19, 2013

South Beach Again!

No, I am not in Florida! I wish that I was.
I am doing the South Beach diet again.
The first time I did it about ten years ago, I followed it almost to the letter and when I was done, I’d lost about twenty five pounds!
I’ve tried to do it again, because of course, I gained most of the weight back. But I’ve never been able to duplicate it those results.
Now I can’t find my paperwork or the magazine on the diet to give me encouragement and tips. But I am trying this again. I am on day 5 of phase 1, which is the hardest part. I am trying to stabilize my metabolism by eliminating sugars from my diet.
So for two weeks, no carbs, no sugars. Basically my diet consists of veggies and protein. That’s ok for lunch and dinner. Breakfast is hard because I love eating oatmeal or Fiber One cereals. Now I am eating eggbeater omelets almost everyday. BORING!!!
And snack time is hard too. I can have certain vegetables, and I can have some cheese and nuts. That’s what I am using for my snacks.
I weighed myself today and I’ve lost 1.5 pounds.


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