Posted by: allaboutcheryl | August 19, 2013


Eating some foods is an acquired taste.
A lot of what I eat, is because it is healthier for me.
Not because I, initially, liked the taste.
Right now I am eating a can of tomato based sardines.
Well, for two reasons.
One, sardines are good for lowering your risk of cancer.
And two, it is legal for me to eat on my South Beach diet.
But it is the same for eggbeaters, fat free milk, fat free popcorn, complex whole grain carbs, baked/broiled meats, no pork, little beef…
I consume some of these things as if I would medicine, because I know that it is going to do my body good.
But in some things, I really enjoy the taste. Like complex carbs, sardines and fat free popcorn to name a few.
I still slip up and eat things that I shouldn’t.
That’s why I am doing South Beach right now, to lose some weight.
But for the most part, especially when I compare my diet to others, I eat really healthy.
After all, it is a lifestyle change for me!


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