Posted by: allaboutcheryl | August 14, 2013

Where are the Children??

I had a disturbing revelation during my semi-regular walks through my neighborhood.
Where are the children?
I have not met one child outside playing hopscotch, jumping rope, running, blowing bubbles or anything.
Nothing, no one at all.
Where are they?
This is the height of summertime. Kids should be so happy that they are not in school, that they practically live outdoors.
But they aren’t.
The area that I walk in, is a rather secluded child friendly neighborhood, located near an elementary school (you know that in selecting a home is all about location, location, location). So there should be children all up and down the street; running and giggling and falling and crying.
But they’re not.
I remember when I was of that age of playing outside. We only had one rule; to be back home before the street lights came on. So my younger sister and I were gone from late morning to early evening. Only coming home for a bathroom break, because then if you needed water, you just used the outside faucet or water hose (unthinkable today!).
We played games, we ran, we climbed trees, went to the local park, we played with other kids, we played with just the two of us, we made up games; but we played outside long and hard.
After becoming an adult and having children of my cown, I still made them go out and play. But they didn’t stay out all day like I did. Now there was Atari and Nintendo that was pulling them inside. And I could afford to buy a TV set for each of them, we only had one black and white set when I was growing up.
So is it the fault of well meaning parents who can buy the latest electronic gadget for their kids that’s keeping them inside glued to a flickering screen? Or has outdoor playing become a thing of the past, only to relished by old dinosaurs like me remembering the good ole days?


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