Posted by: allaboutcheryl | July 26, 2013


Who says retired people can’t appreciate when Friday rolls around?
I do!
But Jackie says I do sometimes have an “I still work mindset’ in certain things.
He stays up all hours of the night and can sleep late the next day.
I can’t.
I have been so used to waking up and going to bed by a certain time for so many years, that I have hard wired my internal clock and it can’t be reset.
And frankly, I don’t want to reset it.
I love getting up early to see my whole ahead of me. While it is still peaceful and quiet and I can have time to read my bible and my devotional or write in my journal….ahhh! I just love it.
And then by the end of the day, whether it’s ten, eleven or two o’clock, I can go to bed and fall asleep, get my eight hours and then wake up to another day that the Lord has given to me.
But I digress…
I love Fridays.
I like the casual, relaxed nature of Friday.
So in the theme of ‘causal Fridays,’ I try to wear something more fun.
Dinners are fun, no pot roast or meatloaf on Friday!
And Fridays are at home movie dates for me and Jackie.
We may watch one or two movies, while we eat popcorn or I may make us a banana split or a sundae.

Jackie wants to go to breakfast now…maybe some place fun like…IHOP!
See ya later!



  1. You are right – retired or not, it still feels like a good day to wind down and enjoy the weekend!

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