Posted by: allaboutcheryl | January 4, 2013


Eight weeks later.
My surgery, for now, is finished. Things did not go exactly as I planned. But I am glad that they did not go exactly as I planned.
Initially, I was going into surgery to have bilateral hip replacement. Even though it is very rare, and most of my acquaintances said, NO! Don’t do this! I had my doctor’s consent and this was going to happen.
Well, something did happen.
While I was in surgery, my heart rate and blood pressure dropped dangerously low. So low in fact that the doctor finished one hip, the right one, and stopped the operation. They wanted to make sure that I was OK.
I was.
No one could explain what happened.
I was put into ICU for observations for a few days, but I was fine. Nothing else weird happened. My pressure and breathing was normal.
But to all who asked, I told them, it was the Lord. He knew that I would not be able to go through recuperating from a bilateral surgery easily.
It was difficult with just one hip replaced.
I cried, thinking this is too hard. I can’t do this.
But then I remembered my promise, my goal; that I was going to be the best patient. I was going to do all that I was told to do when I was told to do it.
And eight weeks later, I have kept that promise. I have transitioned from walker, to cane, to cane as needed; and I need it very seldom.
I am still in rehab. I was just recently released from my hip restrictions, now the process begins to strengthen my right hip muscle. I have scheduled the surgery for the left hip, so I am on my way. It has been a process. I’ve had my ups and downs, but I have no regrets. I am glad that I did it. And I am even more glad that the Lord was watching over me!



  1. Isn’t it amazing that He worked it out? I am glad that you are getting better each day!

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