Posted by: allaboutcheryl | October 19, 2012

Two Weeks

In two weeks, I’ll be in the hospital. Will I be finished with the surgery? Will I be in the recovery room? Will I have already started my therapy? How much pain will I be in? Will I be back in my room. Will I have given thanks to the Lord God for bringing me through this? What will my state of mind be? Will I be talking with Jackie? Will I be in so much pain that I just want to sleep or pump myself with more drugs? Will I be thinking, oh, this was a pice of cake? Where will my thoughts take me? Will I think of something that I forgot to do in preparation? Will there be something that I wished that I’d done differently? Will I have regrets for having this surgery? Will I have regrets for having a bilateral? Will it be stronger than me or will I be stronger that it?
Two Weeks.
That’s all the time that I have left. Two weeks of limited mobility. Two weeks of taking pain pills. Two weeks of walking up and down the stairs like an old(er) lady. Two weeks of every morning using the heating pad. Two weeks of wishing 11-2-12 was here.
Well, in two weeks it will be here.
In 14 days.
In 336 hours.
In 20,160 minutes.
In 1,209,600 seconds.

In two weeks, there is no turning back.



  1. Instead of turning back I hope this is a big move forward for you and that everything goes well.

  2. Thank you for your comment. I have not been on this site in two months. I am ready to talk about what happened.

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