Posted by: allaboutcheryl | September 25, 2012

Never Too Late!

Sometimes I go through periods of my life where I lament where I am, what I have done, what I have not done or where I am not. Too many regrets! How can I enjoy this life that the Lord has given to me, if I am so filled with regrets. Looking back and wishing that I’d done things differently. No more. Today, I look ahead. I know that there are some things in my life that I can and need to do differently. So Today is the day! This is for me! It is never too late to see the errors of your ways and start anew. No matter how many times I fall, I will keep getting up.

Thank You, Lord that You are a God of second chances.

Thank You for opening my eyes to see Your grace anew!

Thank You, because it is never too late!


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