Posted by: allaboutcheryl | September 5, 2012

Just a dream

I don’t  have control over what I dream about. So I cannot be ashamed of or take pride in what I dream. What could be a thought from past times. A blurt I heard from the TV, radio, someone’s lips. Did I read something in the newspaper, the Bible or in a book? Or maybe it’s just random nothing that means nothing.
But, I have often dreamt of the need to use the toilet. I am never exposed or naked or anything like that. But the dreams are always similar. Always in a public place. Always a lot of available stalls (not like reality), and the stalls are always made with short partitions, so when I am sitting, you can see other people sitting. Sometime you have to pay to use the facilities.
Not sure what it all means, or if it is supposed to mean again.
After all it’s just a dream.



  1. Funny. Sh*t happens. 😀 I know of a few countries in Europe where you have to pay to use public bathrooms!

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