Posted by: allaboutcheryl | August 25, 2012


I was going fishing and using nightcrawlers as bait.
I was pouring them into the water to catch my fish.
Then mixed in with the nightcrawlers was this big black snake!
It came at me and was hissing and had its back arched.
Then it bit me on my hand. I managed to get it unhooked from me.
But it stayed near me, hissing. it reminded me of a cat.
Then it tried to bite my feet.
That’s all I remember then I woke up.

My interpretation:
Me and my deisre to be a fisher of men.
And the snake, of course, being satan.
And him trying to stop my writing by biting my hand.
Him trying to stop or impede my walk by biting my feet.

But, like the old people say, if you wake up before you have been conquered by the snake, it means that he did not win. That you are the winner.

Not me, but the Lord!
He is Victorious!


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