Posted by: allaboutcheryl | August 18, 2012

One Step at a Time

One of my biggest downfalls in trying to get my diet (now relabeled as my lifestyle) under control is that fact that I have a humongous sweet tooth. Oh yeah, and the fact that I have no willpower, but I think that’s another blog.

I love sweets!

I judge restaurants based on their offerings of desserts.

When I was younger, I would eat light or skip my entree so I could go straight to dessert.

But now I am trying to bring that under control. And this year, with the help of reading the 30 Days Diabetes Cure book, it is finally happening!

Oh, I still have my setbacks. But they are getting fewer and fewer. If you follow me on FaceBook, Cheryl TodaytheNovel Jordan, you may have seen postings of desserts that I had for my birthday. This is where I am trying to really bring under control, “The situational dessert.”

I am ok normally. I have learned to adjust what I eat. I am eating more protein. This keeps me satiated longer. I am eating my three meals and I know that most nutritionist say two healthy snacks…but I usually have three. But it’s ok! This is working out for me. Since I started this new lifestyle about two months ago, I am at a weight that I have not seen in over five years! How much weight I have lost is not as important as that I have lost weight!

By drastically reducing the situational desserts and routinely exercising, I am on my way.

Will I still have an occasional couple of spoonful’s of Hot Fudge Cake?


Will I still have an occasional piece of dark chocolate (it is medicine, you know! LOL!!)?


But for the very most part, I have eliminated sweets from my diet, oops… lifestyle.

…at least until the holidays come….and they are coming…..



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