Posted by: allaboutcheryl | August 15, 2012

What a Scare!

I took an EKG on Monday, August 13, 2012, in preparation for my bilateral hip replacement on November 2nd. I was told by my doctor that my results were “abnormal.” So what does that mean? Does my heart need a psychologist or something?
He continued listening to my chest and back and blood flow in my neck and said that everything sounds good. But some people just have an abnormal reading and are still healthy.
Nevertheless (who still uses that word???), he wants me to take an echo stress test to rule out anything that might be lurking in the background.
OK. so I called and made my appointment and was given a litany of Do’s and Don’ts in preparation for the test.
Of course on the morning of, I am somewhat nervous. Who wouldn’t be? An abnormal reading that could possible delay or cancel a surgical procedure that I REALLY, REALLY need? Yes, I was nervous!
When I get there and they take my blood pressure, of course it is about 20 points higher than it normally is.
Well….what do you thing? Ya think that I might be a little nervous? A little apprehensive?
Anyway. I tell the nurse my concern. Not so much regarding my stamina, but the fact that I am arthritic in both hips and not sure I long I can do a treadmill. Good to know. But I need to try to go as long as I can to make sure that I can give a decent reading to the doctor, at least 6-9 minutes.
OK. I will try.
So they hook me all up and do an ultrasound on my heart. I jokingly said that she’d better not find any babies doing that ultrasound!
I do the stress test, then wait forever for the results. All types of things started flowing through my head. Now I am earnestly praying that the Lord will calm me down. That I could have good results so that I can proceed with this surgery and also that I would accept whatever His will is.
Well, I passed! Thank You Lord!
Now we can move on to the next step…..whatever that might be.



  1. I found this while looking at another post, glad I did! I hope all goes well with your health.

    • Thank you.
      I am new at this blogging thing.
      But I’ve got a lot of words stuffed inside me that need to come out…so I thought that I would give this a try.
      I will also check out your site.
      Come back and visit me again!

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