Posted by: allaboutcheryl | August 13, 2012

Back on Track

OK. I am still a babe at this blogging thing.

I keep losing what I have typed.

Take 3!

I finally weighed myself today. After almost 10 days of not being 100% true to eating properly and not exercising every day, I expected worse than what I got. It wasn’t too bad. I also took my blood sugar. That was 104. I would prefer under 100, but I will take this as well.

I am still keeping a food journal, just not focusing on those requirements for that day. If I have you shaking your head and wondering, what am I talking about? If you follow me on Facebook, you know that I am trying to do the 30 Day Diabetes Cure. This is not a diet, but a lifestyle change. Here is where I lost everything from before, when I tried to insert the URL and I did it wrong. Next time, I will try to always remember to save a draft.

I am back on track today. I only got a chance to do half of my exercise regimen. But half is better than not at all.

I am doing pretty good on this. I mean, really, we are what we eat or don’t eat and after reading about 75% of the book that goes along with this. I am convinced. I had lost almost eight pounds and for me this was a huge milestone, because, year after year, I was ending the year at the same weight that I started at. I suppose some might say, GOOD, at least you aren’t gaining. And maybe that is ok. But I felt like for my health, with the pre-existing conditions and the arthritis. i needed to lose some weight. But I never could.

At least until I started reading this book. So for me it works. I have been telling anyone who would listen about its tips and helps.

For me, this is a permanent lifestyle change. I will never go back to my former way of eating!



  1. I am going to share the web site with some friends, thanks for sharing this.

    You are doing things correctly. By making lifestyle changes, instead of temporary fixes your path the good health is shorter.

    • Anita, all our lives we have heard that we are what we eat….but I guess that I did not realize that what I was eating could seriously make me ill or shorten my lifespan or decrease my quality of life. But no more! It is time to take control!

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